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Surround  sound prices are falling. Dolby Digital Surround Sound and DVD discs are changing the way people see and hear movies and there has never been a better time to think about purchasing or upgrading  your home theater.  Twenty years ago, George Lucas introduced us to Star Wars, the first movie with a Dolby Surround soundtrack. Since then, a lot has happened.  Virtually all movies you rent or see on TV today —as well as many network TV shows are encoded with Dolby Surround. Nine out of ten receivers we sell are now surround sound receivers, not "just" stereo. Prices for surround sound equipment have fallen dramatically. And two new technologies — Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (also known as AC-3) and DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) players — have dramatically improved surround sound performance for home theaters.


What is "Home Theater?"


Other people have different definitions, but we think a home theater is the combination of a high-quality "monitor" TV (one with a high-resolution picture, video inputs and a screen at least 27" diagonally) and a good quality sound system. So if you have a decent TV and you hook it up to your home stereo, you have a basic home theater system – good picture and good sound.  These days, most home theaters also include surround sound by using a HiFi stereo VCR, a receiver with Dolby Surround sound and at least five speakers connected to that receiver. Advanced home theater systems have truly large TVs (32" and larger), a powered subwoofer, a DVD player and, in the very best systems, a receiver with Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoding.  Bringing surround sound into your home will have a dramatic impact on your enjoyment of what you watch, no matter how large or small your television.  And whether you're adding to your existing sound system or building a new system in your home for video use, adding surround sound has never been easier or more affordable.  Surround sound speakers. Powered Subwoofers.


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